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TWS: The Window Source Installation Process

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What to Expect on Your Window Installation Day

Replacing windows in your home isn’t necessarily easy, but The Window Source RI makes the process simple. So homeowners can sit back and rest easy! We are going to explain our simple window installation process to you.

  • Will my interior window trim be okay or is it possible that it will be damaged or need to be replaced?
  • Are my window current blinds going to fit once the windows are replaced?
  • How long will the installation process take? Days? Weeks to?
  • How much is the window installation cost?
  • How soon can we schedule my window installation after I purchase my windows?

These are just some of the Frequently Asked Questions that we are faced while our customers begin the replacement window purchasing process. We’ve found that teaching you about the installation process can ensure that you’re both fully informed and fully prepared. So without further ado, this is how The Window Source goes through installations:

1. Our Professional Window Installation Crew Arrives

The Window Source Rhode Island’s professional, installation master certified crew will arrive close to 3 weeks after you have placed your order. We always call ahead of time to make sure you know when we’re on our way. Our friendly team will greet you with a smile and walk you through an overview of how your big day will go. Our crew is skilled and moves quickly. Depending on the size of the job, we will be able to complete your installation somewhere between few hours and a couple of days. (Don’t worry! We’ll let you know which!)

We will be sure to inform you whether or not your window blinds will need to be removed. And yes! Your current window blinds will fit your brand new replacement windows. No need to spend extra money on replacing your blinds after your installation.

2. Out With The Old: Removing Your Existing Windows

FAQ Answer #4: The cost of our window installation is included in the cost of our windows! That’s right, you don’t have to worry about paying an additional fee on top of the window installation cost!

Back to the process… Our friendly team at The Window Source has shown up to start your installation! The first thing our crew will do is cover your floors for protection and easy clean up. Next, we will remove the window stop, which is a small piece of wood that runs vertically between the window sashes and the trim around the windows. Window stops are fairly easy to remove and don’t require major demolition.

Next, the old window’s wooden sashes and sash rails will be removed without damaging any of the interior trim around your existing opening. The interior trim will not need to be replaced when we’re done.

Finally, we remove the old windows as well as the old stops that held them in place. Now it’s time for the installation.

3. Your Replacement Windows Get Installed

Our happy and helpful Window Source crew will make sure the window opening is clean, clear of debris, and ready for installation. Next, we position your new replacement double-hung windows into the existing opening and check them for proper alignment. Once the window will is plumb, level, and square, we will fasten it securely to the frame. Each window is tested during the installation proce to ensure that it is operating correctly. Finally, we re-install the window stop to its original position and caulk it for an airtight seal. We will finish the job by ensure the exterior of your window is insulated as well.

4. That’s All Folks!

The Window Source Rhode Island crew will make sure you are 100% satisfied with the job during a final walkthrough. Once we’ve completely cleaned up and you sign off that you are completely satisfied with the installation and product, we’ll be out of your hair!

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