Professionally Installed Energy Efficient Double-Hung Windows

Are you looking for professionally installed double-hung windows? Energy efficient replacement windows come in all shapes and sizes. Our replacement windows are built to last.

All Window Source double-hung windows include:

  • Multi-chambered premium vinyl frames
  • Fusion-welded vinyl sash and mainframes
  • Both sashes tilt in for safe and easy cleaning
  • Double insulated glass IG units
  • Warm edge spacer technology
  • Welded true sloped sill
  • Stainless steel constant force balance system
  • Spring loaded vent latches
  • Half screens
  • Custom made to fit each opening
  • Lifetime warranty

The Model 3000 Series – Concord PlusDouble Hung Window Image

  • Built with premium vinyl resin; solid vinyl color won’t chip, peel, crack or warp. 2. Multi-chambered sash and mainframe provide insulating air spaces for increased thermal efficiency.
  • Insulated glass unit with sealed air space between the panes of glass helps reduce the transfer of heat and cold.
  • PPG Intercept® Warm-Edge Spacer System saves energy by reducing the conduction of heat at the edge of the glass for superior thermal performance and longevity.
  • Interlocking composite-reinforced sash meeting rails offer increased insulation and comfort.
  • Bulb seal at meeting rails enhances energy efficiency.
  • Drop-in glazing provides added protection from outside elements.
  • Easy-to-operate fully extruded lift rails.
  • Protective bulb seal at the sill helps block out dust, dirt and air infiltration.
  • 10 Sloped sill prevents accumulation of water and debris.
  • 11 Hidden screen track creates a clean-line appearance.

The Model 6000 Series – BEST SELLER – Signature® Elite

All of our 6000 Series windows include a Foam Filled Frame!

Replacement Window With Bricks 3
The Model 6000 Series are our most popular double-hung windows. Many homeowners upgrade to our popular 6000 Series double-hung window line. The 6000 series comes standard with more vinyl, more strength, and double strength glass.

BroadView Narrowline Frame & Sash: Impressive strength, refined construction and an expanded glass area are beautifully presented in this narrowline frame and sash. And while BroadView’s low-profile elegance captures your attention, embedded chambers are hard at work, increasing energy efficiency, rigidity and durability.

Fortress Secure Locking System: Fortress is the champion of peace of mind. The positive end-of-throw cam shifting lock creates a powerful locking system that seals the sash tightly closed. Fortress’ well-designed hardware also features an indicator that lets you know if your windows are not locked.

CoreTec Composite Reinforcement: CoreTec further enhances thermal performance at the meeting rails. The non-conductive composite reinforcement reduces the transfer of energy, while also allowing for secure mounting of hardware.

Traverse Telescoping Sill: This innovative telescoping sill dam provides triple benefits: increased structural stability, greater protection from air and water infiltration, and enhanced beauty. It marries strength and style with advanced window technology.

Gradient True Sloped Sill: Both the form and functionality of Gradient work in tandem to deliver a highly effective drainage system. Gradient’s smooth surface and true sloped sill promptly direct water runoff without the use of weep holes to help keep the exterior window attractive.

LinkSynch Sash-To-Sill Interlock: Increased strength and resistance to bowing during high winds is achieved with our LinkSync sash-to-sill interlock. The concealed channel nests the sash into the sill to create a wall of resistance to whatever Mother Nature dishes out.

DuraFit Screen Bulb Seal: This smartly designed compression bulb seal blocks unsightly light penetration between the screen and window frame and helps keep insects out. DuraFit also provides for easier screen installation and removal.

Additional Features

  • Fusion-welded mainframe and sash corners for superior strength, tight corners and a beautiful finished look
  • Standard foam-enhanced mainframe further increases energy efficiency
  • Multi-chambered construction creates airtight insulating spaces for greater thermal protection and durability
  • Dual-pane, double-strength insulating glass increases energy efficiency
  • Protective, multi-layer weatherstripping improves energy efficiency
  • The beveled interior frame adds dimension for a refined appearance
  • Dual vent stops offer limited and convenient opening of the window for ventilation
  • Hidden screen track creates a clean-line design for enhanced visual appeal
  • DuraLift™ block and tackle balance system for smooth operation of sashes, lasts 20,000 lifts.