Reviewed by Keith Noel

I contacted the Window Source after seeing the owner of the business on a TV spot. I liked him, and I wanted to learn more of the company, so I did some investigating, and what I found was a very good local company, with awesome reviews on there windows. I contacted the company, and was informed that the owner himself would be coming to my residence, to give me a quote on four older windows, I needed replaced. I immediately liked the owner, got along with him, and he was very professional, did the measuring, and gave me a quote. He was also very transparent, informing me the installation would be at least 10 weeks out. When the time came to install, 2 of the Window Source Employees, again, very professional, and not subcontractors, installed the windows in less then 3 hours, and did a great job. The windows themselves, are a very good window, good construction, and the ease of the cleaning, is really amazing. I would highly recommend this local company, over any of the other so called “renewal” companies, based on the honesty and transparency of the owner, and his company.